FILM &
Broadcaster's Package

In conjunction with a group of major international Insurance Companies we would like to take this opportunity to introduce this Insurance package. The B.S.R. Insurance package has been specifically designed for risks associated with the Broadcaster in mind. The package offers a flexible and comprehensive selection of insurance policies covering all areas of risk that may effect a broadcaster's operations.

Our firm's aim is to assist the Broadcaster as much as possible in providing a stream lined insurance program. There is now no reason to purchase the different policies from different insurers. The B.S.R. allows a Broadcaster the flexibility to design his own insurance package which can target areas that the Broadcaster feels are most at risk.

The package covers the following areas:

  • Industrial Special Risks - Fire and All Risks on Buildings, Contents, Equipment etc.

  • Commercial Liability - Legal Liability coverage to the General Public.

  • Electronic Equipment Breakdown - Breakdown Insurance on all electronic equipment, including Cameras, Lights, Audio Equipment, Post Production equipment.

  • Electronic Data Processing - Covers the cost to recreate data which is wiped out due to Fire, Earthquake, Computer Virus etc.

  • Outdoor Broadcast Equipment - All Risks cover on O/B equipment.

  • Multimedia Protector - Libel Slander and Defamation Insurance.

  • Transmission Breakdown Cover - Loss of Income and Additional Expenses incurred due to transmission breakdown, eg: Micro Wave and or Satellite Transmission.

  • Production Insurance. - Cast and Key Personnel Cover, Negative and Video Film Risks, Cancellation and Abandonment Cover, Producers Errors and Omissions Insurance.

  • Prize Indemnity - Coverage provided for winners of Competitions or Game Shows.

  • Death and Disgrace Insurance - Covers the cost of cancelling a program / miniseries / sitcom etc. due to the untimely death of the lead actor or actress or due to their arrest or detention due to criminal acts or unsociable activities.

  • Directors & Officers Liability - Protect your Directors and Officers against laws suits lodged by disgruntled Shareholders, Creditors or Employees.

  • Umbrella Liability - Additional Liability coverage with regards to Aircraft or Water Craft either owned or hired by firm.

  • Kidnap & Ransom/Extortion - Coverage for famous personalities, reporters, entertainers and other highly visible professionals.

These covers can be taken out as a complete package or alternatively on an individual basis to suit your individual requirements.