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High Risk Occupation Accidental Death and Disability Insurance:

E.I.B. together with leading Underwriters has developed a unique Accidental Death and Disability coverage for High Risk occupations.

Primarily the facility was developed for the Film, Entertainment and Professional Sporting occupations, such as:

  • Actors / Actresses.

  • Action Adventure / Kung Fu / Martial Arts - Actors and Actresses.

  • Stunt Persons.

  • Film Directors .

  • Road Crews and Production Hands.

  • Professional Musicians.

  • Professional Sports Persons.

  • Scuba Diving Instructors.

  • Parachuting Instructors.

  • Hang Gliding Instructors

However, due to requests from other high risk occupations we have now extended this facility to include these further occupations:

  • High Rise Window Cleaners.

  • High Rise Scaffolding Workers.

Coverage for all of the above can be taken out on the following basis:

  • Annually on a Specified person.

  • Short term on a Specified person. ( Min 1 day)

  • Annually on a group of non specified workers. (Blanket coverage)

  • Short term on a group of non specified workers. (Blanket coverage)

Coverage Details:

  • Death.

  • Permanent Total and Partial Disablement Scale 7 (France).

  • Accidental Medical Expenses.

  • 24 hour cover.

  • Hazardous Activity clause.

Premium Rates are highly competitive with a low minimum premium.