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Advances in printing technology have dramatically increased the sophistication and volume of scratchcards and on-line media games.

Unfortunately, practice can defeat technology, leaving promoters with thousands of extra winners and huge financial losses.

The only way to limit exposure should your printer make an error, is to purchase Printers Errors and Omissions covers many printers would be unable to meet your claims for consequential losses.

In many games, every cards is a potential winner, with perhaps a hundred times more prizes being available than the budget can afford. Even minor print errors can create financial havoc.

This policy has been designed specifically for sales promotion games, covering the printer or his sub-contractors breach of contract, negligenMoral Turpitudece, error or omission.

Cover allows promoters to take advantage of the most compelling and innovative games available.

Cover includes:

  • Breach of copyright.

  • Neglect, error or omission accidental loss of artwork mechanical failure.

  • Design, preparation and printing

And pays for :
  • Excess prize claims.

  • Reprinting.

  • Cancellation expenses.

  • Cost of materials.

We can now insure on-line games, including fixed odds and "Pool" games being played on or linked to remote terminals.

Agencies should insure scratchcards games as the policy provides specific additional benefits not covered by Professional Indemnity insurance.

Promoters should purchase cover direct for reimbursement of printing or cancellation charges to protect their budget.

Printers should cover themselves on a whole turnover basis in order to provide reassurance to their clients.

Cover can be provided world-wide for individual games and lotteries, or on a whole turnover basis.


Creative insurance for creating profits:

Free Insurance adds tremendous perceived value for a fraction of the actual cost.
It is also a proven effective promotional tool.

In some instances we may even be able to identify insurers as promotional partners - free insurance in return for exposure and endorsement of the policy.

Almost every product has a natural insurance ally, and we can help you to find the ideal partner, and design, build and broke unique insurance products for your specific requirements.

Added Value & Customer Loyalty.

Added Value:

  • A national newspaper gave free vets' insurance to those who collected the required proofs of purchase .

  • 30,000 people received a policy worth $25.00, which was provided free by insurers in return for free exposure in the paper. Insurers increased their turnover by 10%

Incentive to Purchase:

Sales of expensive items such as camcorder, camera equipment musical and electronic equipment etc, which carry a high risk of theft or loss were enormously improved when we offered a years' "free" insurance at the point of sale.

By providing cover for all these types of purchases, insurance was bought at approximately 25% of the retail insurance price while providing a perceived value to the customer far exceeding this amount.

A household name insurer, acting as promotional partner provided low - cost insurance in order to benefit from exposure and leads generates.

Customer Loyalty.

  • A high street bank gave home loan borrowers a year's free domestic advice and emergency insurance.

  • They also gave motor vehicle loan borrowers a year's free roadside assistance worth about $800.00 for just $80.00, which rewarded and encouraged loyalty.


The explosion of premium sourcing gifts satisfies the demand of "in and off" pack rewards, but awareness of quality standards has caused many promotions to implode resulting in the promotion having to be recalled.

Promoting to children has always been a sensitive issue, and the demand for more innovative premiums, often manufactured the other side of the world, exposes promoters to a risk that these items will not match consumer expectations of quality.

Should premiums have to recalled, enormous losses could be claimed against promoters and their agents for crisis management, recalling product, loss of profit and third party claims from distributors and consumers.

EIB has developed a product recall and financial loss policy specifically for these eventualities, that can be bought annually, or for specific campaigns.

Cover includes :

  • Reasonable third party cover for

  • Crisis Management, Advertising and Helplines.

  • Consumer Injury.

  • Distributors loss of profit.

  • Distributors expenses.

  • Replacement of product.

  • Loss of Profit replacement of premiums.

  • Collection of Stock,

  • Transportation disposal.

USA, U.K, European and Australian safety standards set a minimum quality threshold, but in the hands of a child, your premium could be put to unimagined tests.

Promoters and agents can purchase cover for each promotion so that the policy covers your individual requirements.

The policy provides insurance above and beyond Professional Indemnity cover, and is the only feasible protection when using new or overseas suppliers, whose financial security may be unknown.


Over redemption insurance protects promoters from the risk of too many people responding to the promotion campaigns.

Our policy will pay for the additional costs of redemption allowing you to concentrate on effective creative solutions.

Campaigns have to embrace new ideas and be increasingly seductive to compete in this market place, but this exposes brands to crippling costs of over redemption, and a high profile disaster.

Talk to us from your first brainstorming, so that we can guide you to the likely response rate, or adapt your ideas to dampen or increase redemption.
This information will allow us to obtain the very best quotations for your insurance cover.

As soon as plans are finalised, we will provide you with quotations covering responses higher than an agreed redemption level.

By budgeting for an insurance premium, you can fix the cost of your promotion before it goes live.


Nothing catches the eye like a waterfall of rich prizes.

Even on the smallest of budgets, we can give you prizes that will make your target audience change their purchasing behaviour.

We can show you how to run games that demand proof of purchase to enter, but are related to sporting or weather events - without contravening lotteries legislation.

There are three categories for prize games:

Sports Games:
Prizes awarded on the basis of events in matches or
tournaments, or on records being beaten. In you are involved in sponsoring sporting events, this is something for you !

Weather Games:
Enhance the seasonal bias or purchase (or mitigate low season) by running games based on any type of weather - rain - sunshine - temperature - anywhere in the world.

Mathematical Games:
Lucky numbers, bingo, factorials and scratchcards with everything from seeded prizes to games where every cars is a winner.

Prize Indemnity Examples:

The world record is beaten, number of gaols is correctly estimated, competitions are won.

It snows on Christmas Day, Hell freezes over, holidays are ruined by rain.

Mathematical Games:
Lucky numbers come up, product attributes are correctly matched.

Scratch Cards:
You have instant winners, symbols are matched, every card is a winner.

Odd Balls:
Elvis Presley turns up alive, Loch Ness Monster is found, world record shark caught.


The man that makes no mistakes does not actually make anything !

In a creative world where innovation is the key, the best laid plans can go wrong.

EIB provides a specialist professional indemnity policy for creative companies that will cover your "breach of duty of care" to clients.

Unlike standard policies, it protects you against almost any errors caused by you, your sun contractors, for which you are responsible to your client, without provoking legal action from them.

The policy will pay for the cost of reciting an error even if your client is unaware of the problems. It can also pay costs that are contractually bound to pay to your suppliers, as well as your fees and commissions that cannot be recovered from your client.

The policy protects you, your directors, and shareholders, as well as your clients, in the event of an unforeseen error damaging you or your client's business.
Professional Indemnity gives your clients assurance of your quality controls and large corporations the confidence to use small companies that may be pushed into liquidation if they were faced with claims.

The majority of clients now insist that their agencies carry Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Breach of duty of care includes:

  • Breach of copyright.

  • Breach of broadcasting, cable, or satellite rights.

  • Libel, slander or defamation.

  • Fraud, dishonesty committed

  • Loss, destruction or damage to any documentation, including artwork.

  • Losses incurred to rectify an error that prevents a full claim being made against you.

  • Fees and Commissions unpaid as a result of perceived negligence.

  • Legal defence costs in the event of a claim being made against you.


Death and Disgrace Insurance - Covers the cost of cancelling a program / miniseries / sitcom etc. due to the untimely death of the lead actor or actress or due to their arrest or detention due to criminal acts or unsociable activities.